Photograph by Mimi Haddon

Company Profile

Pamela Burton & Company is an internationally recognized and respected landscape architecture firm that specializes in integrating the disciplines of art, architecture, and landscape. The Santa Monica based corporation employs fourteen professional landscape architects and designers and offers comprehensive landscape design for civic, institutional, commercial, and residential clients.

The company combines a passion for plant materials and for the history of landscape architecture to create designs that evolve from a site’s cultural and physical environment.  Each design is informed by a site’s geography, ecology, and history.  Spatial organization is created by focusing on the movement of people through a place, how a series of spaces is connected, how objects and materials frame and form the proportions of a project.  Aesthetic sensitivity is balanced by an interest in the symbolic nature of the built environment and a commitment to sustainable landscape design.

The company is certified as a City of Los Angeles DBE/WBE (Disadvantaged/Women Business Enterprise) by the California Unified Certifications Program (CUCP), and recognized by all U.S. DOT recipients in California.

Several of the company’s projects utilize sustainability features including rainwater harvesting for irrigation of a drought tolerant palette, as well as the construction of bioswales and the planting of shade-giving trees in parking lots. Pamela Burton & Company has worked within many LEED certified projects and is committed to the ongoing efforts in conservation and preservation.